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Rekt DAO

Decentralizing Power: The Structure and Vision of the Rekt DAO


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, represent a revolutionary model for organizing collaborative efforts over the internet. At the heart of the Rekt Gang's approach to navigating the often chaotic world of crypto is our own DAO, a testament to our belief in decentralization, collective strength, and shared knowledge.

The Power of Decentralization

Decentralization is more than a buzzword in the crypto community; it's an ethos that empowers individuals and fosters innovation. By distributing authority across a network of participants, we mitigate the risk of a single point of failure and create a resilient, adaptable system. The Rekt DAO embraces this philosophy, seeking to give power back to the community members, allowing them to have a meaningful say in the direction and decisions of the organization.

The Structure of the Rekt DAO

Our DAO isn't an amorphous collective but a carefully structured entity that balances collective decision-making with efficient action. Borrowing from the successful "pod-based" approach seen in 'MonkeDAO', 'Galactic Punks DAO', and Orca Protocol, we've designed the Rekt DAO around small teams or "Clans", each with a very focused role.

Each Clan is composed of elected members with a distinct role to play in the overall operation of the DAO. In addition, we have the Rekt Gang Council, a body composed of the core team and elected DAO members. This council oversees the distribution of funds to Clans and stewards the overarching vision of the project. This structure not only establishes the DAO but also accelerates development by maintaining efficiency.

The Vision of the Rekt DAO

The Rekt DAO is built on pillars of education, incentivization, and community support. We believe that every crypto user, whether a beginner or a seasoned "degen", has something to learn and something to contribute. The DAO structure is designed to facilitate this exchange of knowledge and experience.

Our commitment to education is manifest in our daily updates on Discord, where we provide opportunities, market sentiment analysis, and crucially, warnings about potential scams. We also host Twitter Spaces with upcoming and established NFT projects, and offer bounties for high-quality ‘’DYOR’’ reports and complete reviews of NFT projects protocols. This commitment to literacy and education, we believe, is key to preventing our pack from getting "Rekt".

Incentivization and gamification are central to maintaining active participation in the DAO. We reward contributing members of the DAO financially and/or through NFT raffles. The simple premise being: the more you ‘’DAO’’, the more you earn.


At its core, the Rekt DAO is about decentralizing power and harnessing the collective strength of a diverse community. We’re committed to empowering each member of our pack and creating a space where everyone can contribute, learn, and benefit. We invite you to join us in this mission, to navigate the crypto world with the power of the pack, and never get "Rekt" alone again.